Grandfather’s ‘East Wave’ style braised fish

I always believed this braised whole fish was my grandfather’s invention. The other week my mum revealed that the name of the dish translates to ‘East Wave’ which makes as much sense to… Continue reading

Chicken and Vietnamese mint with turmeric rice

Unlike a relationship, food will never break my heart. I frequently fall in love with an ingredient and seek any excuse to get a fix. This recipe centres around my predilection for rau… Continue reading

birds of paradise

I’m perennially early. After parking the car, life paused for a while. I don’t ever care to wander the cemetery, as the land feels tenuous underfoot, in keeping with my utterly unwarranted fear… Continue reading

Musings of the fishy kind

It’s been a while. Originally, I was going to share a full recipe for making Chinese fish paste the old-fashioned way, pounded in a mortar and pestle. That was my intention but I… Continue reading

Pandan cassava cake

Cake might not be the right word to described this baked sweet treat. It’s really more of a kuih. Guilty of often writing about food that take hours to prepare, you’ll be glad… Continue reading

Celery and beancurd stick salad

Like an on-off relationship, I’ve been through a lot with this salad. I love it. I can’t stand it. I never want it to be out of my reach. It’s not your typical… Continue reading

The opposite of FOMO

This is going to sound like I’m channeling Kinfolk. Yet to ever read a copy of that slow living magazine, but my life is simpler than it has ever been. I purge belongings… Continue reading

Ginger and spring onion noodles

Some people never forget a face. I never forget it if someone casually mentions a food preference. Carefully filed away for future reference, in this aspect I resemble a serial killer, except my… Continue reading

Rosemary and apricot oatmeal cookies

I’ve always been a sucker for herbs. Fresh rosemary transforms a plain cookie into the kind you want to shove into your mouth, handfuls at a time. I had a biscuit with rosemary… Continue reading

Wind preserved duck

Hmm, charcuterie! Apart from vegetarians, who doesn’t love a bit of cured meat? Summer conditions definitely aren’t suitable in Australia with the skin blistering heatwave that swept across the country recently. The cool,… Continue reading

Chinese plum sauce

Young ginger is in season during spring and summer in Australia so it’s time to concoct the yearly batch of plum sauce. It goes well with most meats purchased at a Chinese barbeque… Continue reading

Fennel and pork borek

Fennel and pork borek is redolent of Italian sausage, with the scent of fennel seed and a tiny hit of heat from chilli flakes. I gently cooked the fennel so it was mellow… Continue reading