Finding inspiration

If you’re a procrastinator like me with artistic aspirations, you know this feeling. Why bother at all when there are so many amazing people who can draw better? Who are naturally talented and can gain a keen likeness with just a few strokes?

Sighing, you give it a go anyway. The end result is terrible. You try again. And again. Hours pass and the light disappears. The floor is now snowy with crumpled paper; sad deformed orphans.

I went to a drawing class a few months back after a break. We did a still life and the teacher extolled the virtues of my ‘interpretation’ of the lamp, Japanese screen and table. She loved the moodiness and mystery.

But I was depressed. It wasn’t meant to be mysterious but a straight, realistic rendering of the scene. If I had meant to draw it lopsided and abstract then it would have been fine!

So what makes a good drawing? The intention or the result? I’ve yet to master realistic drawing and am determined to improve. Then maybe we can do some crazy, mysterious drawings…

Where do you find inspiration?