Going bananas!

Yesterday I put another two large bananas in the freezer. Once they get overripe, I store them away to bake with later. Bananas increase in GI as they ripen and I’m meant to have a low GI diet. Doctor’s orders…I don’t do fad diets!

So right now I have 5 bananas in my tiny freezer. It’s truly small. I’m taller than my fridge and I’m not tall by any means. So when I need to rid myself of the pesky fruit to create space in my freezer, I bake banana bread for friends.

Yet I seem to have a never-ending supply. I need to buy smaller bunches of bananas or stop eating them. The banana surplus is quietly driving me crazy.

I was taught the below dessert/sweet snack from a Thai chef. It almost seems too extravagant to call it a recipe. It tastes like a banana scented, salted coconut caramel. Vegan and gluten free too for those that care.

1. Thickly slice (at least thumb-width) two medium fresh bananas.
2. Heat up a cup and a half of coconut milk on the stove over medium heat. Add in a tied knot of fresh pandanus leaf*, two teaspoons of palm sugar, stir and let it simmer for two minutes.
3. Slide in the banana slices and gently cook until the banana changes colour, becoming deeper yellow and just tender.
4. Remove the pandanus leaf.
5. Add a pinch of salt (this is essential and really brings out the flavour!) and give it a final, gentle stir. You need to be able to taste the salt’s presence.

Serves 2 for a warming dessert in less than 10 minutes. Can be served with a small scoop vanilla ice cream. I love the sweet and salty contrast.

* Adds a subtle flavour and can be omitted. Can be substituted with a tiny drop of pandan flavouring paste.