Francis Lam…I think I love you

So since I love reading about food, cooking food and eating it…I obviously also read food blogs. There are only a few food writers that I’d really recommend but I consistently like the writing of Francis Lam. A trained chef, he used to write over at Salon and Gourmet but has since moved on. He has his own version of a ginger-spring onion sauce. In Francis’ rendition, he heats up the oil which does bring a certain kind of intensity of flavour but is just something I don’t do. But hey, if you like that idea then try it for sure.

Francis’ writing is just smart and fun. Some of the posts about American junk food don’t really connect with me but he has some really thoughtful essays about food. Plus you have to love someone who asks you to salt something “like they called your mother a bad name”. I don’t have that kind of loose, easy style of writing and I wish I did. I just realised that he also did a post about ginger milk pudding and I’m starting to feel like a plagiarist! They’re all different recipes, I swear! He steams the mixture in his ginger dessert recipe which results in a firmer texture and probably works even with regular (as opposed to super starchy) ginger, now I think about it.

Francis has tattoos for the three most important things in life: food, art and love. I have no idea what the tattoos look like (see, not really a stalker!) but I gotta like his priorities.