The blog’s been looking a little bare and lonely. Now that I’ve resolved my image issue, I’ve gone back and updated a few of the posts with pictures. So they’re a little more pleasing to the eye now…

Dudu - Berlin Asian fusion restaurant

Dudu - Berlin Asian fusion restaurant

On the theme of finally getting around to something, I FINALLY made it to Berlin in October 2011 after years of wanting to go. It was filled with a great vibe, lots of energy and green open public spaces. So many amazing museums and galleries that it’d take months to go to all of them. I also love street art and Berlin is full of fantastic examples. I should do a post soon on street art in Berlin alone. Now I’m wishing to return again very soon.

Dudu is little Asian fusion restaurant that a friend took me to while I was hanging out in Berlin. Here’s a review of dudu by one of my favourite German-based food bloggers [Yes, I have more than one]. The food was fresh and the place far cosier than you’d think from their website. The restaurant is located in Mitte which is cool little area to wander around.