The meat list

If you’re vegetarian, you may want to skip to another post right now.

Everyone has foods that they’re not that fond of. Lamb is that for me. I don’t hate it but it’s not my first choice on a menu. Or even my fourth.

Some friends make fun of me because I still occasionally cook lamb for others. Don’t you cook food that you don’t enjoy for your friends and family? If you invite me over and serve lamb, damn right I’d eat it. A homecooked meal is a gift. Warms the cockles of my heart, it does.

Tonight I had my friend Gibbo over for dinner and the topic of our favourite meats came up. I mentioned I didn’t really like lamb and Gibbo could barely believe it as she loves it. It’s one of her top two meats, coming right after steak. I estimated that lamb is probably 14th on my list.

The obvious comes next…I was challenged to list the 13 meats that come before lamb. So here goes, in no particular order:

The meat list

  1. Chicken
  2. Pork
  3. Crab
  4. Beef
  5. Prawn
  6. Clams
  7. Duck
  8. Bacon (I’m told it’s a separate meat.)
  9. Oysters
  10. Possum
  11. Quail
  12. Fish
  13. Rabbit
  14. Pigeon
  15. Snake
  16. Scallop
  17. Boar
  18. Kangaroo
  19. Abalone
  20. Octopus/squid (Gibbo says they can’t be counted separately).
  21. Buffalo
  22. Turkey
  23. Venison. Uh, we’re way over 13 now!

Gibbo still claims that seafood should count as one meat on this list. Which is ridiculous; next she’ll say that all hoofed animals should lumped together too.

A koala - not for human consumption.

At one point I did state that I’d never eat koala and Gibbo was filled with horror at the idea! It didn’t help matters when clarifying, I said it’d taste terrible and strongly of eucalyptus. Gibbo then issued a challenge for me to cook eucalyptus infused lamb and try to pass it off as koala.

And she thinks I’m the crazy one.