Anthony Bourdain and more…

It’s March already! I have to get cracking on the projects I’ve started in 2012 that I’m behind on. Like drawing more. And writing a picture book.

Last night I went with some friends to Porteño, where Anthony Bourdain was filming an episode of No Reservations. Did I squeal and act like a uncool fangirl? Uhh, possibly. It was due to my friend Kitty’s awesome contacts that we knew about the ep being shot and managed to snag a table at 6pm in prime position. If you’ve ever tried to get a table there, you’ll understand how cool that is. As for the episode, you’ll have to watch the new series when it finally airs as I don’t want to post any real spoilers.


The man himself. Not a close shot as I was trying to be discreet and not stalkeresque.

Porteño has seriously delicious food. Started off the meal with house baked bread, pate, bread, olives and spiced eggplant. Then we deep-dived into 8 hour slow cooked lamb (yes, I did try it), 8 hour slow cooked pork, the roast beetroot, feta, pecan and watercress salad (menu listed witlof but watercress appeared instead) and the infamous brussel sprouts. They’re halved, deep fried and then tossed warm with mint, parsley and lentils in a mustard & vincotto vinaigrette. Frying brings out the sprouts’ sweetness and the sweet and sharp dressing is moreish. I’d forgo a mountain of tender meat to eat it again and again.

Munching on the bread roll earlier was a rookie error and I didn’t eat as much as I’d have liked. My girl Kitty didn’t let me down though and let her inner fat boy out. God I love that kid.

We then traipsed upstairs with our drinks for a break and dessert at Gardel’s bar. We sampled a preserved pear concoction with meringue, roast peanuts, dulce de leche in layers on a pale, thin sponge base. It reminded me of a Snickers bar but shot with tender fruit.


Please excuse the poor iPhone was very dark in the bar. Pear, dulce de leche and meringue in foreground, with fig tart in the back.

For cheese lovers in lieu of a cheese course, order the fig tart. Figs lay on a boiled egg pastry base, under a scoop of muscatel ice cream. It was blanketed with piped blue cheese infused cream and dusted with fresh nutmeg. I’m not really a blue cheese fan but it was still amazing.

I didn’t order the shared desserts so please don’t ask me what they’re named. Just ask the friendly staff for their recommendations.

After such a great meal and fun company last night, I suddenly I feel like I’ve overdosed on heavy meat and am yearning for vegetables. So my next few posts should be very vegetarian friendly. Hope I haven’t scared them off with the meat list!

[P.S. Yes, I did get a picture with Anthony Bourdain and he was really gracious tolerant and friendly. I also think he drinks like a bad-ass. ]