Ice cream sandwich fail

I love the power that knowledge grants you. Not in a crazy take over the world way but it helps with decision making. This may be the control freak in me speaking.

Too thick biscuit

Crazy thick for ice cream sandwiches

You learn all the time when you cook. The smallest tweaks can change the result dramatically. Not all of the things I create turn out well at all.

I planned to serve ice cream sandwiches (made with dairy free gelato) last weekend. However I wasn’t sure if they would turn out well so I gave it a test run the week before when I had friends over for pulled pork. I used the peanut and honey cookies, and sandwiched them with dairy free chocolate gelato that I bought from a local gelato place. Then I wrapped each sandwich individually and returned them to the freezer.

So how did they turn out? Not so pretty. Gelato is softer than ice cream so it didn’t really hold its shape and it ended up oozing over the cookie. Not being a dessert person, I hadn’t done enough research, ie. eaten enough ice cream sandwiches or thought it through.

But look how cute they were when I initially put them together!

Ice cream sandwich squished and ready to eat

Ice cream sandwich squished and ready to eat

Lessons learnt:

  • Make your cookies thin enough so you can bite through them once frozen
  • Few people can eat an ice cream sandwich elegantly
  • Use ice cream, not gelato. Otherwise assemble and serve immediately
  • I don’t really like dairy free chocolate gelato
  • No one is ever as critical of your food as you are
  • Make your ice cream sandwiches small and not resembling The Hulk

A little forlorn, I made a batch of flourless hazelnut brownies to serve last weekend instead which I’ve already written about.

No one should be too disheartened when a cooking adventure doesn’t turn out well. I felt like a failure but I’m sure this will help me with my dessert instincts next time.