Sunday breakfast: Sausage and egg muffin

Leftovers are either a delight or a bane on your life. I only like to eat the same thing about three times in a row. Any more and I end up balefully staring at the remainders in the fridge, wishing they’d disappear of their own accord. Which is why I plan to upgrade my fridge in the next few months so I can have a larger freezer to portion out food. My fridge is tiny and the freezer compartment is even smaller.

On Sunday morning I woke up ravenous and had two options. Cook or walk down to the nearby farmers markets. I really need to save a bit more money since I’ve been wishing to renovate my kitchen for over a year now with no progress in sight. So I opened the fridge and decided to make my own take on a sausage and egg muffin. I love English muffins. Toasted, then topped with a dollop of hummous, a slice of ripe tomato, fresh herbs and cracked pepper? Hmm, delicious. Okay okay, I have to focus!

A few days beforehand I’d baked a borek and I had a small amount of leftover filling. I’d based the flavours loosely on an Italian sausage so it contained fresh fennel, pork, onion, fennel fronds and spices. I toasted my muffins, fried up an egg and gently heated some of the filling in the same pan. A squeeze of sriracha over egg and voila! A breakfast that tastes good in its own right.

A glass of juice completed the meal and I think we can safely say that these particular leftovers fall firmly into the delight category.