The opposite of FOMO

This is going to sound like I’m channeling Kinfolk. Yet to ever read a copy of that slow living magazine, but my life is simpler than it has ever been.

I purge belongings on a regular basis – so regular in fact, that I wonder how I manage to deliver a pair of large garbage bags to the charity shop every few months. And yet, I do. Hand on heart, I own a lot of clothes but in my defence, I wear most of them. In the last week, I’ve managed to donate a chair, books, a vintage pot plant holder, and a lamp. My couch is next in the firing line. Looks like I’m going for a minimalist (read: can’t afford furniture) vibe in my home.

Goodbye, chair!

Goodbye, chair! Received as a gift in 2002.

People use the word “curate” with abandon but I’m averse to it unless I’m actually a professional curator. My social media use is small and regularly reviewed. I follow a handful of people on both Twitter and Instagram, and deactivated my FB so long ago that hundreds of acquaintances have forgotten my existence. Sleep seems to come easier when you’re not bombarded with a calvacade of images and messages.

God, it feels great.

My Chinese language skills are admittedly terrible and I would classify myself as illiterate. I abandoned Chinese school during childhood (learning Mandarin when we spoke Cantonese at home meant it was always going to be a challenge. Plus, school on Saturday? Not fun). Besides, my parents decided to primarily speak English at home when I was probably three or four years old. Now I’m mostly sad that I can’t read Chinese menus, decipher mystery foodstuffs at the Asian supermarket, and delve into traditional Chinese literature and poetry in its original form.

If food is my main conduit to my cultural heritage, then I want to preserve and learn as much as I can. Of my extended family, I’m the lone person gathering the threads of our food traditions. It’d be a waste to lose them as my mother is an amazing cook with an incredible Chinese food knowledge. Pretty cool for someone who was a successful career woman her whole life.

My focus is more on really mastering the mostly Chinese classics that fascinate me, rather than trying to cook something new all the time. Recently, I’ve conquered the art of wrapping zongzi. It only took 20 years. Coupled with my lightbulb moment earlier this year on the mysteries of frying sesame donuts, these small triumphs have inordinately pleased me.

I’ve not abandoned the blog but haven’t felt like writing much in the last year. I do however, have a recipe that I’m going to share before the end of the year. It’s one of my hate foods that I eat when I’m in a bad mood. I know, I’m totally a natural salesperson.

Have I missed out, by tuning out the white noise in my life? Not at all.