Hello. It’s lovely to meet you.

This blog documents my food and cooking adventures, any artistic exploits and also lets me share silly, random rants with the world. For the curious, I’m a woman living in Sydney, Australia. jibuyabu is a nickname that my brother gave me when I was young. It’s both original and distinctive so it seemed like a good choice.


A quick word about advertising, sponsorship etc. I won’t ever do a sponsored post on jibuyabu, nor accept an invitation to dine free of charge as a guest of anywhere I write about. I don’t have anything against either of these things as long as it’s clearly disclosed but it’s not what this particular blog is about.

I simply buy what I like and will rarely specify a particular brand of ingredient. As for dining out, I like the fact that I’m an ordinary person who sometimes tells a story about a meal.

So hey, thanks for visiting and come back again soon if you like what you see.