Ginger milk pudding

A lot of people don’t like Chinese desserts or think they just can’t compare to Western desserts. They’re completely different beasts and to my mind, fresh fruit is the perfect end to a… Continue reading

Ginger and spring onion sauce | Fresh chilli sauce

On cooking shows, the chefs/cooks almost always cut enormous amounts of ginger off with the skin when preparing food! Even with old ginger this is completely unnecessary. Just scrape it off with the… Continue reading

Cockles and heart

I used to feel envious of my parents when I was a kid because they received so many letters! My dad always said it was usually boring stuff but I was never really… Continue reading

Momofuku Seiobo

Most years, I like to do a few food adventures with my friend Kitty. I joke that she eats like there’s a fat little boy inside her but it’s no joke. The girl… Continue reading

Summer eatin’

What does Summer mean to you? For me, it means stinking hot, balmy days, burning sand between the toes, swimming, moonlight cinema, music festivals, thunderstorms and loads of amazing fruit. Look at these… Continue reading

Seeing Satoshi

I’m not a mother. But I love children’s books. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m just a big kid. My favourite very young children’s author/illustrator is Satoshi Kitamura. His picture books are so… Continue reading

Going bananas!

Yesterday I put another two large bananas in the freezer. Once they get overripe, I store them away to bake with later. Bananas increase in GI as they ripen and I’m meant to… Continue reading

Finding inspiration

If you’re a procrastinator like me with artistic aspirations, you know this feeling. Why bother at all when there are so many amazing people who can draw better? Who are naturally talented and… Continue reading

Touching your heart with har gow

The best thing about yum cha is that you get to eat many different things and unless you don’t eat seafood or pork, there’s a huge variety to choose from. Yum cha literally… Continue reading

Pork and coriander wontons

Wontons are one of the few things I’d make with my grandmother when I was young. I’d be watching her wrap them and she’d motion me over to join her. I loved sitting… Continue reading

Hello world!

So here we are and don’t I feel awkward… I’ve created this blog to write about the things I like. Mainly food related stories and an attempt to push myself to draw more… Continue reading