Hakka style pork belly and taro (kau yook)

Winter has finally settled its haunches into Sydney. Now I have an excuse to wear my wide array of coats! Don’t judge, there’s something I find really charming about wearing a coat in… Continue reading

Malted milk ice cream with cocoa nibs

A confession. I’ve thrown out a lot of ice cream in my time. I have a bad habit of buying a tub of ice cream to eat a single scoop. Months later I’d… Continue reading


My first time at Mary’s, we almost burnt the place down. I’m glad we didn’t succeed because the bar’s burger is already being slated everywhere as the best in Sydney. I couldn’t take… Continue reading

Prawn crackers

This is nothing like the pale pink styrofoam that masquerades as prawn crackers at Chinese restaurants. After you’ve tried some made with real prawns, you’ll never eat those tasteless imposters again. Making prawn… Continue reading

The Eat-In

Hello again. It’s been a while. In high school I studied the work of an Australian poet named Robert Gray. One of the recurring themes of his work is the transient nature of… Continue reading

Lemon chicken dumplings

Fried chicken drenched in a sweet and tangy lemon sauce is a Chinese-Australian tradition known as lemon chicken. It’s a retro staple on suburban and regional Chinese restaurants across the country. Inspired by… Continue reading

Self portrait: 29 January 2013

Bún chả cá. Sort of.

I’ve never associated fresh dill with South East Asian countries. It’s always seemed more of a Scandinavian thing! Turns out that dill is used in Thai, Laotian and Vietnamese cuisines too. This weekend… Continue reading

White chocolate and lime cookies

Sugar, salt and fat. The unholy food trinity gets a lot of bad press. I think the real question is, when did it become normal to have a sweet treat every day? Living… Continue reading

Rosewater maple cheesecake

Have you ever eaten a hot cheesecake? Sounds dubious I know but trust me on this. I’ve been making this rosewater and maple cheesecake for about seven years now and it’s good both… Continue reading

Christmas ham with orange and quince glaze

This recipe is probably useless for oh about 12 months until it’s time for ham lovers to prep for another Christmas. But I can’t wait! Usually when my family glazes a ham, we… Continue reading

Green mango noodle salad

This was a perfect summer meal. It was a hot, dry day yesterday and I decided to make my favourite noodle salad. I already had clear vermicelli and minced pork at home so… Continue reading