Caraway duck with cherry balsamic jus

Part of the fun of eating out is trying something you wouldn’t ever cook yourself. But for Winter Feast this year, I wanted to do something out of the ordinary (for me). In… Continue reading

Grilled prawns with tahini dressing

The first memory of eating something on a stick for most people is probably a lollipop or an ice confection. Is it any wonder that food on skewers are forever appealing?


My friend Gibbo aka Ranty McRanterson is a woman of extremes. Her day job is as a freelance marketing/strategy/project manager. Her life job is to rant, encourage people to quit unfulfilling jobs and… Continue reading

Warm spiced apple toddy

You know what’s really lacking from this blog? Beverages! Last night I held a Winter Feast at my place. It was planned and discussed like a military operation. I wanted to have a… Continue reading


Eating out regularly really takes its toll on your weight and health. I don’t know how some people eat out every night without ending up channeling Elvis in the fat years. The malted… Continue reading


My friend Satoshi posts a copy of his published books to me every now and again. I received another gift last month. I know I haven’t been posting any drawings and have really… Continue reading

White radish cake (lor bak goh)

I like ’em big. Get your mind out of the gutter! I’m talking about white radishes (daikon). I’ve written about white radish cake (lor bak goh in Cantonese) before and had linked to… Continue reading

Duke Bistro

Duke is hands down, a cooler royal title than Prince. Just like being described as a princess, a prince sounds green and immature; a little bit gauche. But a duke? Now I imagine… Continue reading

Malted peanut rice squares

Peanuts! Malted milk! Chocolate! Rice bubbles! Marshmallows! This is practically a chocolate bar. Everyone should have some sweet treats up their sleeve that require minimal cooking. When I first moved into my apartment,… Continue reading

Chasing a Goan chicken

My favourite thing to order from Chutneys, an Indian restaurant in Wimbledon is something called Green chicken from Goa. It was a little spicy and a little creamy and about only thing that… Continue reading

A modern day fairytale

So many charities have a really high profile. Ozharvest does amazing work collecting leftover food and delivering it to charities in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Newcastle. Only established in 2004, it has a… Continue reading

Steamed crab on glutinous rice

Sometimes you just wanna eat some crab and enjoy its fresh, clean taste. This is a simple meal that lets the crab remain the star. Rich dishes like Singapore chilli crab are fantastic… Continue reading