Chicken and cauliflower quinoa salad

Know what’s unpleasant? Waking up late and realising that you’re meant to just be arriving at work. Not exactly what you want when you’ve barely been at a job for a week. Serves… Continue reading


At a cocktail party at my place a few years ago, the talk of the night was the crocheted moose-head above my fireplace and the home cured gravalax. People kept grabbing my arm… Continue reading

Mud crab with glass vermicelli

Simple things are often the best. This is one of the ways my mum cooks mud crab. It’s lighter tasting than the restaurant version. If you go out and order this, they first… Continue reading

White radish cake

White radish cake probably doesn’t look that appealing if you haven’t grown up eating it. You might have seen it on carts when you go to yum cha. It’s panfried and so very… Continue reading

Chinese sesame balls (donuts)

My grandparents on my mother’s side originally hail from a village in Southern China. One of the traditions my family have continued is making sesame balls (jian dui) or Chinese style donuts on… Continue reading

Reuben Hills

In the waning days of my sabbatical, I’ve been enjoying the sunshine, cooking, going to yoga, seeing films etc. I’ve always loved seeing films by myself (unless they’re comedies) for some reason. The… Continue reading

Three pears, 21/01/12

Cow pat tarts

I first visited Malaysia when I was three years old. I have a lot of memories from that trip [Orangutans! Exotic fruit! My brother pushing me off the top of a bunk bed!]… Continue reading

Tahini apple slaw

I can’t sleep and I need to buy myself a couple of new sketchpads tomorrow (I may or may not have thrown some out in a rage!). So, a food post it is.… Continue reading


The blog’s been looking a little bare and lonely. Now that I’ve resolved my image issue, I’ve gone back and updated a few of the posts with pictures. So they’re a little more… Continue reading

Pulled pork in oregano flatbread

Here’s the pulled pork and flatbread recipes that I had previously promised. On the side I had caramelised onions, a roasted garlic mayo, apple tahini slaw and a spicy guacamole. You can easily… Continue reading

Francis Lam…I think I love you

So since I love reading about food, cooking food and eating it…I obviously also read food blogs. There are only a few food writers that I’d really recommend but I consistently like the… Continue reading