Izakaya Fujiyama

I’ve finished my Christmas shopping! It’s a relief as I hate fighting the silly season shopping crowds. Believe me, I’m rarely this organised. Despite the yearly plan to send Christmas cards, somehow I… Continue reading

Fresh chilli sauce (expanded)

A tiny bit sharp from the vinegar and fiery hot from the small chillis, this fresh chilli sauce is not for the fainthearted. I’ve written about this sauce but only in an offhand… Continue reading

Spiced cherry and almond cookies

Are you planning edible gifts for Christmas this year? These spicy cherry cookies are a worthy addition to any hamper. The dough is spiced to the hilt, with dried cherries, orange zest and… Continue reading

Master stock braised beef brisket

A Chinese master stock is poaching or braising liquid which can be used over and over again. Over time, the flavour intensifies and like a mother dough, becomes more complex and full bodied.… Continue reading

Chilli-lime salt

My brother gave me some limes the other day. They’d been languishing in my fridge for over a week next to some chillis. Last weekend, I decided to utilise both of these ingredients… Continue reading

Return to Hartsyard

Did I say I was going to abstain from alcohol for six weeks? I made it six days before I cracked. I can’t pretend to be anything close to perfect. On reflection, I… Continue reading

Three cheese and spinach tart

I’ve had a bit of a baking overload and need a break. This year I’ve made enough brownies, pies, cookies, boreks, tarts and cakes to make me turn hostile. This savoury tart is… Continue reading

MoVida Sydney

My friend Skill’s official birthday is in a little over a week and we celebrated early and thoroughly at MoVida Sydney last Friday. We love to share food and what better than modern… Continue reading

Vanilla glazed nutella puffs

Last Friday I hung out at my friend Kitty’s place after work. We made pork and coriander wontons that we dressed with soy sauce and chilli oil for a quick dinner. It was… Continue reading

Cocoa nib shortbread

Hands up if you know what scroggin is! My jar of cocoa nibs claim it’s a great addition to scroggin which is the supposedly Australian/Kiwi word for trail mix. One theory is the… Continue reading

Amaranth and salted duck egg soup

There’s a Chinese phrase that translates to “enough fire” to describe something that’s been cooked for enough time to build depth of flavour. There are two kinds of Chinese soups; those that are… Continue reading

Sweet labne cheesecake

I regularly daydream about flavour combinations. I do it whilst driving, walking to work and even in the shower (too much information? Sorry!). A dozen different ways of using a single ingredient often… Continue reading